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Photos supplied as stock images - and not specifically commissioned cost between R350-R3500 per image, depending on the type of use and number of images purchased. A discounted rate is offered for once-off usage of digital images. Please note that we are based in the middle of the Great Karoo, so although we can order prints of images to your specifications, there is a double postage/transport fee. Therefore, it is recommended that you order digital images, and process these at a reputable printing shop.


Images are available in digital format to your specifications, and can be emailed or sent on CD. Alternatively, we can supply the original 35mm transparency. Prints available on request. All images are copyrighted to Brent Naudé-Moseley and Steve Moseley and may not be used without their consent. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

If you are not sure how certain aspects of these terms & conditions may affect you, or your requirements - please just ask. We want this to be as easy as possible for you.

1. The term ‘picture’ includes any photograph, transparency, negative, digital image, digital scan, design, or any other artwork which may be offered for the purposes of reproduction.

2. The term ‘reproduction’ includes any form of publication or copying of the whole or part of any picture, whether altered, or not.

3. The term ‘the client’ is the person or organisation to whom the invoice is addressed (whether or not the client is acting for a third party).

4. Karoo Images is a trading name of the individual’s, Steve Moseley and Brent Naudé-Moseley.

5. The entire copyright in the pictures is retained by Steve Moseley and Brent Naudé-Moseley at all times, and throughout the world.

6. Steve Moseley & Brent Naudé-Moseley assert both of their moral rights to be identified as the authors of their works and the right to a credit is asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

7. No property or copyright in any pictures shall pass to the client, whether on its submission or on Karoo Images' grant of reproduction rights in respect thereof.

8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, if any picture reproduced by the client omits the copyright notice or credit line specified by Karoo Images, a fee payable by the client shall be subject to an increase specified by Karoo Images, and will be not less than 25% of the agreed fee.

9. Reproduction rights are strictly limited to the use and period of time specified on Karoo Images’ invoice. An agreement must be reached with Karoo Images before the pictures are used for a different purpose or after the licence to use has expired.

10. Reproduction rights are not issued exclusively to the client unless the client has specifically requested this, and Karoo Images have agreed to this, in which case an exclusivity fee will be charged.

11. Reproduction rights granted are personal to the client and may not be assigned, loaned, submitted or transferred to any third parties, unless agreed in writing with Karoo Images. However, Karoo Images reserves the right to refuse to supply or grant a reproduction licence to a third party when requested to do so by the client.


1. Editorial: One reproduction only of pictures supplied within one print edition of the specified title in an editorial context only.

2. Specified Use Only: The right to use the pictures once only for the purpose as described on the invoice.

3. Internal Use only: The right to use the pictures only within a company for non-commercial purposes; publication in a free in-house magazine not available to the public; exhibition within the client's premises; editorial use in the client's intranet site (not to be confused with internet site).

4. PR and Press distribution: The right to use the pictures as described in point 1 above; plus a licence for third parties to reproduce such pictures in print or electronic media in an editorial context where no fee has been paid to guarantee publication.

For further reproduction conditions regarding responsibility, compensation, booking image, cancellations of image bookings, fee agreements, invoicing, payment, etc, please contact us.