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In 1985, when travelling was not yet a common pastime for young South Africans, Brent Naudé took herself off overseas - a decision that was to change her life. A few years later in 1990, Steve Moseley opted out of the humdrum, routine-dictated lifestyle with a mission to travel and seek the meaning of life. They met up, were married in 1994, and today their journey continues, with over thirty five countries on four continents being notched up so far. Their travel experiences include climbing the Mountains of the Moon (Ruwenzoris, Uganda) and Adam's Peak (Sri Lanka), tracking Silverback Gorillas, diving the Great Barrier Reef, crossing the Nubian Desert (Sudan), four wheel driving up Cape York to the northern most tip of Australia, boating the length of Lake Malawi on a hippo expedition, making history by being the first to walk the 460km length of the Karoo's Sak River, and many others.

Photography is their passion and documenting their experiences has developed over the years from a part-time occupation to a full-time profession. Today, Steve & Brent live in Loxton, a tiny village in the heart of the Karoo, where they've been for the seven years since returning from a five-year stint in London.

Their articles have featured in a wide range of publications, including:

  • GO!
  • Getaway
  • Village Life
  • By The Way
  • Earthyear
  • Food and Home
  • Sawubona
  • Diversions
  • Leisure Wheels
  • Country Life
  • AA Traveller
  • Farmer's Weekly
  • Saturday Star's 'Travel', Wanderlust (Britain's top-selling travel magazine)
  • Travel Africa (UK's only Africa-dedicated magazine).

Their work covers a range of subjects, with t ravel and its associated themes being top of the list, but they also write about wildlife & conservation, people, culture, food & drink, history, architecture, agriculture & farming and more.

Brent & Steve's enthusiasm for their work and the regions that they cover means that they spend as much time on the road as they do at home. Due to the nature of their work and the regions they travel in, they may not always be able to respond to your enquiry immediately - cell phone reception is often sketchy in these areas, but apart from these instances, they will respond to your enquiry promptly.